Sharing My Video Moments Since 2006

I'm creating, saving and sharing videos of things happening in my life, so when I get old, and forget how to feed myself, I can still look back and remember.

  • Lumiere – On The Line Another Lumiere. No guts, no glory.Lumiere Rules60 seconds max.Fixed cameraNo audioNo zoomNo editNo effects

  • I walk you through the assembly of the McCree Peacekeeper from @moonprops on Etsy. This video is intended as an aid to assist you in understanding all the parts in your kit. By all means, please feel free to message me on Etsy with any questions you might have. The kit, with ll these parts…

  • May Two Four 2016 May Two Four 2016

    My stationary camera caught the neighbours fireworks display. I didn’t have any audio, so I added my own soundtrack.

  • Kinder Egg Unboxing Kinder Egg Unboxing

    Easter 2016 Egg opening, eating and building.

  • Testing out my stand on motorized turntable that will be used in 3D Scanning.