Sharing My Video Moments Since 2006

I'm creating, saving and sharing videos of things happening in my life, so when I get old, and forget how to feed myself, I can still look back and remember.

  • The Haircut The Haircut

    The Haircut I haven’t been to a barber in years. I’ve been cutting my own hair and before that it was Donna that was clipping it.It had got out of control and mismanaged. It now required the assistance of a professional to make it right.

  • Eric was cleaning up and had all this cool stuff from when he worked at Corby’s. This such a thrill to have these. I have a showcase the stuff will look great in.

  • May Two Four 2016 May Two Four 2016

    My stationary camera caught the neighbours fireworks display. I didn’t have any audio, so I added my own soundtrack.

  • Going in Circles Been very busy with life.

  • Pool Setup 2008 This is our 3rd year of vlogging the pool setup. It seems traditionally that we have had pool problems each spring. But, fingers crossed, this year looks good.

  • Where Do I Go From Here? Once again, I’m frustrated with my job. I have skills, but I don’t fit into a cookie cutter position. Where do I go? Which company? What do I do? Uggh

  • Traditions continue. Will it start?

  • Get The Ball Get The Ball

    Get The Ball Get the ball Zoe. Playing fetch in the backyard.

  • Video Blogging Week 2007 April 3, 2007

  • Kinder Egg Unboxing Kinder Egg Unboxing

    Easter 2016 Egg opening, eating and building.

  • Lumiere – Lake Scugga On a trip, stopped by Scugga Lake in Port Perry. Camera was attached to the van.Lumiere Rules:60 seconds max., Fixed camera, No audio, No zoom, No edit, No effects.

  • Lumiere – On The Line Another Lumiere. No guts, no glory.Lumiere Rules60 seconds max.Fixed cameraNo audioNo zoomNo editNo effects

  • Lumiere – Chimes from Below Looking up to the wind chimes. Can you imagine hearing them?Lumiere Rules: 60 seconds max., Fixed camera, No audio, No zoom, No edit, No effects.

  • Heavy Metal Cookies Was baking some cookies last week… well, you’l get the idea.

  • I’m baking Donnas Birthday cake.

  • As part of the Tourist inMy Own Town series, I visit the Ferris Park on the Trent river. Wow, suspension bridge and fast moving current.

  • Testing out my stand on motorized turntable that will be used in 3D Scanning.

  • Van-Man WMV Van-Man WMV

    Van-Man WMV …followup to Sept 6

  • It looks like the moon is surrounded by clouds.

  • Time lapse December 31, 2015 overlooking hometown Belleville.

  • Working on a turntable to slowly spin a person to scan them in 3D.

  • My Ice Rink My Ice Rink

    It doesn’t like much now, but you wait and see.

  • I received a prize from my favourite Chinese Sweatshop.

  • Frankie Pad Frankie Pad

    Frankie playing with a mouse app.

  • Donna’s New Ride Now that i’m back to work, we needed a second vehicle.Found it on Kijiji…Vehicle contains remote car start with anti-theft features. New tires, brakes, battery, alternator, speakers, ball joints, rear break wheel cylinders, parking break cable and etc. Timing belt and fuel pump went a few months back. Both were replaced brand…

  • My first remote controlled helicopter, the Picooz. Originally posted December 31, 2006

  • A good ole fashion video gab.

  • Rock Paper Scissors Moon Championship (June 18 2006)

  • Lumiere – Strobe Dance Bought a strobe light at a yardsale a couple weeks ago. Turn the tunes on… Dance!Lumiere Rules:60 seconds max., Fixed camera, No audio, No zoom, No edit, No effects.

  • Going for a run.

  • Snowfollies Snowfollies

    i still laugh at the cutsie part at the end. originally created February 3, 2007

  • Lighting Up for Christmas Time to plug in those Christmas Light I hung in October.Song “Are You Ready For Christmas” by Lee Harris and Country Sunshine

  • #26 – 30 Things in 30 Days #26 on our countdown list is my homemade Rumoli BoardRumoli is a classic card game from Canada, and is believed to have been invented around 1940. Rumoli is a combination of the popular card games poker and rummy. Rumoli is a game that requires between two and eight…

  • McLaughlin Remembers Lindsay has been working late after school on the preperation for the November 11th Remembrence Day assembly. Although it’s been a very busy morning, I made the time to support my daughter’s work and the sacrifices of the men and women of the Armed Forces. Thank You.

  • Vacation Recap What a great vacation. Vlogs, Friends, Drunk Karaoke, Swimming…. perfect!

  • No YouTube… But So the decision has been made. No to posting on YouTube for 12 year old daughter. BUT….

  • May 10th – Just another Day? May 10th… not just another day.

  • Lazy Days Lazy Days

    Lazy Days Lazy days of summer….

  • Video Blogging Week 2007 XA Halo April 6, 2007

  • Guy Problem Guy Problem

    Guy Problem I have no one to chat with… about sports.

  • Well, that time of year again, July 1, Canada Day.

  • Killer bat extraction.

  • Finally, a little snow. If it’s going to be cold out, might as well have some of the white stuff. Loving the sunshine.

  • Momentage Momentage

    Moment: A Snippet of time. Montage: A collection of images.

  • #13/30 – Sundin The Maple Leafs Well of course it’s #13 in our countdown.I share with you our Toronto Maple Leaf and Mats Sundin memorabilia.

  • Hmm, are my stars aligning? Is this a hint for what I should be doing??

  • NaVloPoMo – Mensa Day 10 Smarter then your average bear.

  • Instances of Insignificance Not a whole lot going on, but I found some moments to share.

  • I don’t have a great history of lawn mower ownership. Come on 2015.

  • Looking for Dillon You raise your kids for 18-20 years, set them free and hope they fly. But geeze, it’s been a month since I last talked to Jr.Dillon, aka Quicksilver, aka Veloxe.

  • Watching the clouds flow above the Bay Of Quinte, with Belleville water tower in the foreground, on a pleasant January day.

  • the tree in oshawa harmony backyard

  • Jan 6, 2007 This weather is so freaking weird.

  • Shovel or Blower? Well, just barely enough snow to use the snow blower. But the elderly neighbour is out shoveling in a skirt. Decision, decisions.

  • Playing with this cool app.

  • A moment in time. Snow Day!

  • Trippin Home Trippin Home

    Trippin Home Trip home, after work, to start a long weekend.WoW!I really enjoyed this one. mike

  • Donna won a cool Ion Air Pro Wifi video camera. It’s an action camera like GoPro.

  • Video Blogging Week 2007 APril 1, 2007

  • Playing In The Surf The homemade underwater housing also comes on vacation. Here we enjoy some of the surf coming off Lake Ontario at the Sandbanks.I had such a blast.The water was only about 2 feet deep where I was, with 3 foot waves.

  • Floored Floored

    Floored We picked up some Laminate flooring from our local WalMart. It was $19 a box that covered just over 20sqft. This laminate includes a foam backing preinstalled.

  • Lumiere – Leaf Rake We saw all those nice Maple Leaves fall to the ground. Well, time to rake them up. Lumiere Rules:60 seconds max., Fixed camera, No audio, No zoom, No edit, No effects.

  • Camcorder Fever Holidays and my highs and lows of shopping for just the right camcorder. With my budget, I’m searching to get the best bang for my buck. Small size, full of features and good looking video audio.

  • Im taking the opportunity to hit the rink.

  • I did it again.. Shame.

  • Just a short clip from and around the back yard

  • Sniff. Death of a Snowman. Mar 13, 2007

  • Frustration and some Wii bowling or something. And old video, found. Originally posted January 27, 2007

  • Makeup Cake Makeup Cake

    I screwed up Donna’s Birthday cake last week and went out and bought a replacement. Not satisfied, it’s a makeup cake.

  • 21 Years of Marital Survival 21 years ago today, Donna and I got hitched.

  • Trade Show Trade Show

    The retail chain I work with had a booth at Canada Blooms Show at the Ex complex in Toronto. 3 days of long hours standing and talking to 1,000s of visitors. But met lots of great people and a little change of pace from the normal routine.

  • NaVloPoMo – Mensa Day 8 Help me out… what to heck is…

  • #27 – 30 Things in 30 Days Item #27 of 30 – Thing-ama-bobEntering our countdown list at Number 27, is a thing-ama-bob.

  • Excited for VBW 2007 Video Blogging Week March 7, 2007

  • Leafs Practice in Oshawa My darling sister got us tickets to see our beloved Toronto Maples Leafs practice at the GM Centre in Oshawa. Adorned in our Leaf jerseys, we head on our way…

  • Oh sure, it’s the 9th of January (2016), the snow we had is all but gone with all this rain. But, it couldn’t be more perfect weather…

  • #23/30 – Cabana BW TV We can’t have a top 30 countdown without mentioning the Black White TV located in the Cabana. Can’t miss the Hockey games

  • Frankie accepted my challenge. (Standard Definition).

  • Plumbing Guy Plumbing Guy

    Its from March 2007 and I called it Plumbing Guy. That’s all i know.

  • An old tradition renewed. Just a quickie.

  • Ramblings from Sept 13, 2006 … a couple news in my life stories.

  • Free Whipper Free Whipper

    Free Whipper Neighbour threw out a defective Weed Eater. With the help of the Internet, we can rebuild it.

  • Sew What Now? Sew manly! I’m taking the sewing machine out for a spin.

  • The Meow Mix clock’s hourly chime. It can be turned off.

  • Video Blogging Week Day 5 April 5, 2007

  • My vlogging is changing… lol. A week into it, back in 2006. (April 15 2006)

  • A Plea to the HALO Community The plight of Geoff and a plea to the HALO Community for their support.Link to the story Toronto Sun.Mike

  • Lumiere – Melt This is the first of three lumiere videos celebrating the spring thaw.Lumiere Rules:60 seconds max., Fixed camera, No audio, No zoom, No edit, No effects.

  • Lumiere – Moon Clouds Moon and clouds.Lumiere Rules:60 seconds max., Fixed camera, No audio, No zoom, No edit, No effects.

  • NaVloPoMo – Mensa Day 4 Here we go again. Sunday morning and another Mensa puzzle.Check my site as I am doing other vlogs too.

  • New Jersey New Jersey

    New Jersey And no the place.

  • Thoughts…from the Pool Weather, selling one of the kids, Xacti and other stuff.

  • Important life discussions with Jay. (june 16, 2006)

  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer They say “clothes make the man”.

  • Pool Probs 2007 Time to set up the pool. Must mean there’s problems. 😐

  • Video Blogging Week 2007 Day 2 April 2, 2007

  • I picked up a gently used Sony DCR-SR68 80gb camcorder.

  • Need A Car Need A Car

    Need A Car Well, my new job will require us to have a second vehicle. The hunt begins.

  • Video camera issues, but a good drive home. December 11, 2006

  • I’m Tired of Pleasantville Come on, where to hell is summer?